The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) published their final report setting out their recommendations for a post-Brexit UK immigration system

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC)’s report recommends that post Brexit, the UK government focus on facilitating highly-skilled migration and influencing the flow of EU migrants through salary thresholds and skills charges rather than through hard caps and quotas.


This is the final report following the MAC’s March 2018 interim report. The report states that the United Kingdom should be focusing on enabling higher-skilled migration alongside a more restrictive policy on lower-skilled migration. The MAC concluded that there is no compelling reason why immigration policies should not be the same for EU and non-EU citizens, unless the outcome of Brexit negotiations requires it.


Although there is no immediate impact on employers and foreign nationals in the United Kingdom, the MAC’s findings will have a tangible impact on the way the UK immigration system is shaped as it advises the UK government in its policy-making decisions. The UK government is expected to consider the MAC’s findings and announce further plans for post-Brexit migration policy in the coming months.


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