Posted Workers in the EU Impact on Mobility, Employees and What You Need to Know
14 March 2018
EU Webinar Series 2018


Fragomen invites you to a webinar to discuss the rules for posted workers in the EU and the impact it may have on your mobility programme and employees. As the requirements have now been rolled out throughout the EU, companies will be forced to quickly adapt to the regulations and must have a robust compliance programme in place to avoid penalties and sanctions.

During this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • The posted workers rules: What do they mean and what is their purpose?
  • Enforcement: What obligations are imposed on companies for posted workers?
  • Impact: What is a posted worker and which employees are affected?
  • Non-compliance: What are the risks, the penalties and sanctions of non-compliance?

We will use practical examples to explain the posted worker requirements and how they operate in practice. We will also address inconsistences in approach across the EU in order to help you create processes and policies to manage this.


Who should attend?

Any HR or mobility manager with responsibility for individuals working across Europe. We also encourage you to pass this invite to any relevant legal teams and employment/payroll contacts.


Time: 3.00pm – 4.00pm Central European time

Location: Online

The webinar is free to attend and registration is required.

Access details will be provided in advance of the event via email.
Please register by 12 March 2018

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