Unravelling the European Commission Infringement Procedures against Malta and Cyprus
Wednesday, 11 November 2020
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Central European Time (CET)


Join us for a broadcast on Unravelling the European Commission Infringement Procedures against Malta and Cyprus.

The European Commission has written to Malta and Cyprus demanding they end their citizenship by investment programmes citing their incompatibility with union law. In todays ‘Crossing Borders’ our experts will unravel the meaning of infringement procedures, and what Malta and Cyprus can expect in the coming months. We will also delve into the contents of the letters with a particular focus on the genuine links criteria, but extend our discussion to include security issues, due diligence and hear from Transparency International who have examined IM closely for the last few years.

Wednesday, 11 November

14h30 Central European Time (CET)

Elena Basheska, EU Law Expert, London
Kieron Sharp, CEO, FACT, London
Peter Vincent, Global Security Expert, Washington DC,
Miklos Ligeti, Director, Transparency International, Budapest,

In association with Investment Migration Council Education & Training.


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