Investment Migration Yearbook


Providing comprehensive, in-depth information about the global Investment Migration industry, the IM Yearbook 2018/2019 offers readers a practical A-Z guide to the current business operating environment while also highlighting the depth and breadth of practitioners, programmes, and their partners of all types.

The IM Yearbook offers valuable access to a prime target audience of your partners, your peers, and the essential referral network leading to the world’s most influential RCbI programmes: senior level representatives of the global migration industry, academics, migration agents, migration law firms, wealth managers, UHNWI’s, government representatives, international organisations involved in migration and citizenship-by-investment.

Important topics covered include:


  • Current State of the Industry: Profile & Review
  • Regulation and Legislation Updates
  • Key Trends Shaping the Industry
  • Country Overviews and Fact Files
  • At-a-Glance: Key Industry Facts & Figures
  • High-Level Influencer Interviews
  • The New Global Citizenship Seeker
  • Industry Image: The EU, Media and the ‘Makers and Breakers’
  • The Applicant’s Journey – No Two Stories are the Same
  • Education, Training and Certification
  • KYC, AML, Data Protection, GDPR
  • The Agent’s Perspective – Best Practices and Know-How
  • Cultivating Effective Referral Networks
  • Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management
  • Legal & Tax Advisory
  • Real Estate – Staying Ahead of the Next Development
  • Government Relations
  • HR & Recruitment – Keeping up with the Next Generation