Total Population: 30.9 million (2014, World Bank)

GDP per Capita: USD 6,550 (2014, World Bank)

Human Development Index Rank: 82


Type of Investment Migration:

A. Residence

Option 1: Independent Investor Visa

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

1. Minimum investment of USD 30,000.
2. Legalized/certified copy of deed of share transfer along with the stock and shares registry documentation.
3. Investment must create at least five new jobs for Peruvians within less than two years. Applicants must also submit a feasibility study and business development plan. If establishing a new company then a business plan written by a qualified professional must be submitted.

No stay required, dependents are not eligible under this scheme and access to citizenship is acquired after two years.

Option 2: Rentier Visa

Applicants must provide certificate guaranteeing receipt of a permanent income from outside Peru of at least USD 1,000 a month and an additional USD 500 for each dependent.

B. Citizenship (suspended)

In 1992, Peru had a scheme of selling citizenship for USD 25,000. The scheme was closed the year after due to public outrage.