Organized Events
20 July 2017 - Special Investor Program of Montenegro
20 July 2017
Hilton, Podgorica, Montenegro

The Investment Migration Council and the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro are proud to host a workshop on the planned Special Investor Program of Montenegro. The workshop will cover a comparison of international citizenship-by-investment programs and factors that contribute to their success. In addition, it will feature a special keynote address by Pavle Radulović,Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, and a panel discussion by international experts in the field.

To view programme, click here

Montenegrin–English translation services will be available for delegates during the seminar.

We are also delighted to invite you to the official gala dinner, following the workshop, with a special private performance by the internationally acclaimed Montenegrin singer, Sergej Ćetković.


Please register by 17 July 2017, by contacting us on

Monday, 29 May 2017 - Greek Golden Visa Programme
Athens, Greece
Monday, 29 May 2017
Hotel Grande Bretagne , Golden Room

Enterprise Greece and the Investment Migration Council cordially invite you to a workshop and panel discussion on the:

Current status, international comparison and future opportunities

The workshop will cover a comparison of European Residence-by-Investment Programs and factors that contribute to their success.  In addition, it will feature a panel discussion by international experts in the field.  Download the program


IMC Presence
Bruno L’ecuyer, Chief Executive, Investment Migration Council, will be participating, and the IMC will have an information desk, please feel free to drop by and introduce yourself to Denis Kravchenko, Relationship Manager who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


16 March 2017 - In Whose Interest – Shadows over the Hungarian Residency Bond Program
16 March 2017
Hotel President , Budapest Hungary

The Investment Migration Council (IMC) and Transparency International Hungary (TI Hungary) will be hosting an executive briefing to discuss the published report “In Whose Interest? Shadows over the Hungarian Residency Program”.

Date: 16 March 2016
Venue: Hotel President, Washington room
Time: 10:00 – 12:00


10:00 – 10:30   Registration

10:20 – 10:40   Opening Speech

10:20 – 10:30   Mr. József Péter Martin, Executive Director
Transparency International Hungary

10:30 – 10:40   Prof. Dimitry Kochenov, Chairman
Investment Migration Council

10:40 – 11:50    Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Boldizsar Nagy, Associate Professor
Central European University and Eötvös Loránd

Mr. Miklós Ligeti, Head of Legal Affairs
Transparency International Hungary

Mr. Tamás Wiedemann, Journalist
Political Daily ‘Magyar Nemzet’

11:50 – 12:00    Q&A

RSVP: Ms. Diana Sebestyen, Office Manager
Transparency International Hungary

19-21 April 2017 - 2017 International Migration Summit Shanghai
19-21 April 2017
Grand Central Hotel Shanghai

imageInternational Migration Summit (IMS) is a biannual summit held by Sankgo in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China. It provides wonderful opportunities for attendees from all over the world, including government officials, real estate developers, attorneys, accountants, funds and Chinese immigration agents, to share global immigration information, related policies and laws, as well as expertise and experience with each other. As a significant source for getting abundant information about investment & immigration, IMS serves as a perfect platform for international project companies and Chinese agents to seek cooperation with those who are best suited for them, so as to offer Chinese investors the most appropriate and secure investment & immigration programs and services.

– Expose your business or project to decision-makers from migration agencies around China

– Advertise your company to more than 2000 Chinese agents both before and after the summit

– Present your company in the significant Business to Business conference in China

For more information, please visit the IMS website.

1 - 2 February 2017 - Russian Wealth Advisors Forum
1 - 2 February 2017
Zürich Marriott Hotel

With the CRS rules coming into force and Europe and America prolonging sanctions on Russia the environment for professionals advising wealthy Russians continues to be challenging.

To address these and many other topical issues, we are gathering top private client lawyers, private bankers, tax advisors and family offices at this prestigious Forum in Zurich.

We will deal extensively with various aspects of the exchange of information, disclosure and what planning techniques are
available to the clients. We will also address immigration, succession planning, confidentiality and disclosure, cyber security
and many other relevant topics.

This Forum also offers excellent networking opportunities and this year we are adding more formats to make networking even more productive.

For more details, please click here

27 - 28 February 2017 - Global Immigration Law Summit
27 - 28 February 2017
Central London

In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to mobilize skilled workers is critical to the success of today’s businesses. The constantly evolving legal and regulatory framework for immigration in different jurisdictions makes achieving this quickly and within budget a formidable task for many companies.

Therefore, in this fast developing area there is a need for HR and Global Mobility professionals as well as the lawyers in private practice advising them to keep up to speed with the latest changes in immigration law and policy across different jurisdictions.

C5’s inaugural conference will bring together leading lawyers in this area with senior HR and Global Mobility professionals and will offer timely legal analysis and discussion on the key immigration topics that are impacting upon businesses which include the immigration implications of Brexit.


The immigration implications of Brexit:

  • How will leaving the EU affect the free movement of people?
  • Impact on the financial services
  • What will this mean for industries that rely on low skilled labour?

Global mobility in a changing political landscape:

  • The business challenges in running global mobility programmes
  • Global transfers of skilled workers and the obligations on
  • Acquisition of citizenship
  • The future of the Entrepreneur and the Investor visa
  • How will the presidential race impact immigration policy in
    the US?

Immigration Law in a practical global context:

  • The Australian points based system
  • The Canadian immigration regime
  • Shifting personnel to Asia
  • The logistics of moving the family
Book your ticket now and benefit from our Early Bird discount saving you up to £200
23 March 2017 - Westminster Legal Policy Forum Keynote Seminar
23 March 2017
The Future for UK Immigration Policy
Central London

This seminar will provide a timely opportunity to consider the future for the UK’s immigration framework.

It will focus on key challenges and opportunities for policy in the exit scenarios that are likely to follow the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, looking in particular at:

  • Next steps for border controls, asylum frameworks and future efforts to tackle irregular migration; and
  • Options ahead for regulating legal routes of settlement in the UK – including the rules governing work, student and family migration.

It comes at a time of wide-ranging policy development in this area, including:

  • Government’s recently renewed aim of reducing net-migration to tens of thousands per year;
  • The recently announced Home Office consultation on entry rules for foreign workers and students;
  • Recently launched government consultation on proposals for an expedited appeals process for detained immigration and asylum appellants; and
  • The joint statement from the Home Secretary and French Interior Minister pledging to tackle migratory pressures in Calais, as well as humanitarian issues and illegal immigration networks.

Areas of discussion to include:

  • Border control and security – options post-Brexit, with latest thinking on the future of juxtaposed controls in Calais, access to the Schengen Information System, the collection of passenger data, and the future of the UK/Ireland Common Travel Area;
  • Illegal migration – the impact so far of recent Government measures to tackle illegal working, and prevent illegal migrants from accessing services in the UK, following the granting of Royal Assent of the Immigration Act 2016;
  • UK asylum policy – perspectives on the UK’s future involvement with the Common European Asylum System, and next steps for policy in the context of Europe’s continued “migration crisis”;
  • The Immigration Rules – options for the future negotiation of the UK’s points based system, particularly for skilled workers and students, and the implications for businesses, universities and the UK economy; and
  • EU migration – latest thinking on how Brexit will impact on freedom of movement, including the future position of EU citizens currently in the UK, as well as Britons living abroad.

The conference is expected to bring together key policymakers with a range of stakeholders, including lawyers, local authorities, business groups, universities, colleges, campaign groups, economists and commentators, as well as representatives from national and trade press.

Download Agenda

Booking arrangements
To book places, please use the online booking form.




12 - 13 October 2016 - Private Investor: Russia & CIS
5th International Adam Smith Conference
12 - 13 October 2016
Hilton Canary Wharf, London

The Private Investor: Russia & CIS is the leading event in London for private wealth management in Russia and the CIS.  High-level participants, including investment managers, representatives from family offices, and private bankers from Russia, United Kingdon, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, UAE, Liechtenstein, the United States, Spain and other countries will be present.


Adam Smith Conferences is working on increasing the opportunities to network with private clients at the event. There will be chances to hear and meet renowned speakers, including representatives of the Russian business elite.


Key features of the 2016 conference include:

  • Popular session: “Business in Londongrad” On-stage interview with successful entrepreneurs from Russia / CIS developing businesses in London.


  • Today’s portrait of Russian private investors + case studies of investment.


  • NEW! Keynote presentation from a well-known Economist: Economic and political situation in Russia; correlation with oil prices; is the Russian economy diversifying in response to recent challenges?


  • NEW! Round table: Successful female entrepreneurs from the Russia / CIS in the UK


  • Hot topic 1: Recent legal and tax news from Russia: CFC rules, foreign exchange control and other important draft laws


  • Hot topic 2: The world of transparency and international information exchange: what does the future hold for the banking industry/private wealth management/fiduciary services?


  • Business networking: Round tables with Russian family offices and private bankers


For programme, full speaker line-up and registration, please click here.


All IMC members can benefit from a 20% discount* for this event by quoting AS2433IMC upon registration.


* Discount is not valid for persons who have already registered to participate at this conference and/or seminar(s). All discounts can only be applied at the time of registration and cannot be combined. All discounts are subject to approval.


26-28 October 2016 - 2016 International Migration Summit Beijing
26-28 October 2016
Conrad Beijing

International Migration Summit (IMS) is a biannual summit held by Sankgo BC in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China.

It provides wonderful opportunities for attendees from all over the world, including government officials, real estate developers, attorneys, accountants, funds and Chinese immigration agents, to share global immigration information, related policies and laws, as well as expertise and experience with each other. As a significant source for getting abundant information about investment & immigration, IMS serves as a perfect platform for international project companies and Chinese agents to seek cooperation with those who are best suited for them, so as to offer Chinese investors the most appropriate and secure investment & immigration programs and services.

2016 International Migration Summit (Beijing) on Thursday, October 27 will feature presentations and Panel Discussions led by professionals and government officials from the US, Europe, and Caribbean. On Wednesday, October 26, there will be a Cocktail Reception for all participants, offering networking opportunities. Agent Workshops for project companies and Chinese agents will be held on Friday, October 28.


IMC Presence
Bruno L’ecuyer, CEO, will be presenting on Thursday, 27th October at 13h00: ” Industry Stands and Regulations”


For more information about this event, please click here

6 - 7 December 2016 - Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit 2016: Vision, Action, Prosperity
6 - 7 December 2016
Hilton Toronto

Participate in Canada’s first ever Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit!

Share your vision on how Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial programs can support a more prosperous economy and society. Connect with Canadian and international immigration practitioners, lawyers, consultants, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, wealth managers, bankers, economists, researchers, and representatives from business, finance, and real estate.

Why an Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit?

Since 1978, Canada has sought business savvy and high-net-worth immigrants to stimulate economic activity through investments, business and job creation, and spending. To date, the results have been mixed.

On the one hand, the programs draw talent, investment capital, and spending power to Canada. Conversely, concerns are often raised about issues such as the ‘sale of Canadian citizenship’, housing affordability, and the extent to which programs benefit Canada’s economy and society.

In convening Canadian and international stakeholders, the Summit is facilitating dialogue on the strategic value of today’s entrepreneur and investor immigration programs, and how they might be reformed for greater impact tomorrow. The Summit’s key findings will inform a major Conference Board report, to be released in early 2017, on how Canada’s entrepreneur and investor immigration programs could be strengthened.

Ideas abound on how Canada’s programs can achieve their potential. Voice your thoughts at the Summit.

Key questions up for discussion include:

  • Does Canada need entrepreneur and investor immigration programs?
  • What is Canada doing well and what improvements can be made to better support Canada’s economic and social prosperity?
  • What are domestic and international best practices that can be applied widely in Canada?
  • What would optimal programs look like at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels?
  • How many entrepreneur and investor immigrants should Canada admit each year?
  • What is the right balance between passive and active investment programs?
  • In designing these programs, how can Canada reconcile its economic and social immigration objectives?

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn from distinguished speakers and delegates about entrepreneur and investor immigration around the world—including domestic and global issues and trends, best practices, its impact on foreign direct investment, and the future.
  • Connect with Canadian and international immigration practitioners, lawyers, consultants, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, wealth managers, bankers, economists, researchers, and representatives from business, finance, and real estate.
  • Gain insights during special hands-on sessions to help you better meet the needs of entrepreneur and investor immigrants.
  • Voice your perspective at Canada’s first ever Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit and be a part of history.
  • Shape recommendations on how Canada can enhance its entrepreneur and investor immigration programs for a more prosperous economy and society. Your views will inform a major Conference Board report to be released in early-2017.

Summit Themes: Vision, Action, Prosperity

The Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit 2016 is guided by the themes of Vision, Action, Prosperity:

  • Vision: Imagining a shared vision for the future of Canada’s entrepreneur and investor immigration programs that meets Canada’s economic and social objectives. This entails exploring the Canadian and international landscape to assess opportunities, trends, issues, the motives of entrepreneur and investor immigrants, Canada’s strengths, and areas where it can improve.
  • Action: Identifying what steps should be taken, and by whom, to help Canada advance towards stronger, more globally competitive entrepreneur and investor immigration programs. The Summit’s interactive plenary, concurrent, consultation, and networking sessions allows delegates to exchange views, develop connections, and inform recommendations.
  • Prosperity: The goal of entrepreneur and investor immigration programs is to support economic and social prosperity across Canada. In support of this goal, the Conference Board is using key findings and recommendations from the Summit to inform a major report on the path forward for Canada’s entrepreneur and investor immigration programs.


To register please click here

9 September 2016 - 2016 EB-5 Fall Seminar: EB-5 at a Crossroads
9 September 2016

Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP is holding its 3rd annual full day EB-5 seminar entitled “EB-5 at a Crossroads” . This one-day seminar will focus on EB-5 Regional Centers and Developers interested in capitalizing projects with EB-5 financing.

Why Should I Attend This Seminar?

EB-5 is at a crossroads:

  • New EB-5 legislation on the horizon
  • New administrative compliance initiatives instituted by USCIS
  • Unexpected impacts of quota backlogs
  • Failed and fraudulent projects focusing new attention on EB-5 compliance protections
  • Changes in customary escrow arrangements
  • Redeployment of investor funds
  • Important changes in the project marketing landscape

This seminar will provide the latest information on these and other cutting edge topics. In addition to our team of nationally-recognized EB-5 attorneys, we have brought together some of the top experts in the field – successful regional centers; real estate developers; securities counsel; financial and loan administration institutions; marketing consultants; due diligence and risk management consultants.

Given the increased focus of USCIS, the SEC and investors on failed and fraudulent projects, our program will have an emphasis on all aspects of compliance.

Presented on the eve of the expiration of the regional center program and on the week when EB-5 quota numbers for the new fiscal year will be released, the program is timed to provide the most updated information to enable EB-5 stakeholders to plan for the changes ahead.

We look forward to presenting you with insights and strategies on structuring and marketing projects and on compliance best practices, and to having the opportunity to address your questions.


For more information and to register, please click here

9 - 11 November 2016 - 10th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference
9 - 11 November 2016

151103-LONDON-672-x-451Henley & Partners is pleased to host its 10th annual Global Residence and Citizenship Conference in London in November 2016. Having successfully hosted this event in locations globally over the past decade, we expect the event in London to be the largest and most influential yet.

In celebration of the conference’s 10th successful year, there will be well over 400 attendees, and a multitude of industry leaders, top-tier international service providers and senior government officials who will present first-hand information on the latest developments in residence and citizenship planning.

The premium delegate profile and event exclusivity will provide unrivalled networking opportunities with the industry elite and highly focused content on the international trend of increasing mobility.

For more information, please click here

10 - 11 October 2016 - The 6th Annual EB-5 Industry Forum: IIUSA
10 - 11 October 2016
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

The 6th Annual EB-5 Industry Forum is the year’s premier EB-5 IIUSA-LA2016conference focusing on educational and business development on
a global scale.

Invest in the USA (IIUSA), the national not-for-profit industry trade association for the EB-5 Regional Center Program will hold its 6th Annual EB-5 Industry Forum on the campus of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in Westwood, CA.

Attended by international investment and economic development professionals from around the world, the EB-5 Industry Forum will feature panels on legislative and regulatory activities that will shape the future of the EB-5 Program.

For more information about this event, please click here

25 - 27 September 2016 - Best Legal Cyprus, Annual Conference of Legal Practitioners
25 - 27 September 2016
Four Seasons Hotel Limassol

A practitioner-oriented networking event which will promote specific investment opportunities in Cyprus and abroad.


The event comprises of three parts:

•An Investment Exhibition featuring carefully screened investment sponsors, projects and products in the property, renewable energy, tourism, and technology sectors.

•A one-day conference for investment practitioners.

•A one-day field trip to selected investment projects in Cyprus


For more information about this event, please click here

23 May & 25 May 2016 - Live and Invest in the Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand
23 May & 25 May 2016

Monday 23 May – Hilton Frankfurt City Centre, Germanyshutterstock_129729869
Wednesday 25 May – New Zealand Embassy Paris, France

Discover your future at exclusive seminars hosted by the New Zealand Government and the State Government of Victoria, Australia

In conjunction with industry-leading specialists Hightrees Law and Migration Cover, representatives from the Australian state government of Victoria and New Zealand government will be hosting information seminars aimed at providing insight to the business and investment migration opportunities that currently exist in Victoria and New Zealand.

Victoria’s and New Zealand’s ability to attract high quality, business and investor migrants is a key factor in the strength of both countries’ economies. A survey of New Zealand migrants has shown that they are attracted to New Zealand for its lifestyle, climate and landscape, political stability and the transparency of business and migration policies. The investor program for immigration New Zealand was introduced in July 2009. In that time it has attracted over NZ$4Billion in investment. Melbourne is rated the world’s most liveable city and Victoria has been a popular destination for business and investor migrants for many decades. Victoria currently attracts over 50% of all business migrants to Australia. Many are attracted to the robust and diverse economies, good business and investment opportunities and quality educational institutions and high quality lifestyle.

So register your interest in attending these seminars today and discover your new life in Australia or New Zealand


6-8 June 2016 - Investment Migration Forum 2016
Event Date
6-8 June 2016
Academic Forum: 6 June 2016 - Graduate Institute, Geneva. Professional Forum: 6 (Evening) 7-8 June 2016 - Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva

Our goal is to demonstrate with all clarity that investment migration when organised at a top-notch level is overwhelmingly beneficial for the individual, government and the consultant. During the event organised by the IMC we will be underlining the quality of the people we are dealing with, which uniquely position them in the best possible way to make important contributions. Clearly distinguishing investment migration from other kinds of migration, which are frequently associated with economic tensions and even potential radicalisation of the host societies, if not cultural tensions and intolerance.


The detailed Program is currently being devised, however, below are just a few of the event highlights:

– Governance, Risk & Compliance, latest industry updates
– Global Policy & Migration
– The IMC Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
– Relevance of the IMC today: Q&A with the governing board
– Roundup of worldwide developments


The speaker faculty to be announced shortly.

Why Attend?

This event will bring together leading stakeholders in Investor Immigration & Citizenship-by-Investment.  It will cover a variety of related subjects which are of interest to the Academic, Professional & Government community. An opportune event  to network with the right people within this industry.

IMC Participation


Further Information
10-11 November 2016 - 10th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference
10-11 November 2016
Draper's Hall, London

Henley & Partners is pleased to host its 10th annual Global Residence and Citizenship Conference in London in November 2016. Having successfully hosted this event in locations globally over the past decade, we expect the event in London to be the largest and most influential yet.

In celebration of the conference’s 10th successful year, there will be well over 400 attendees, and a multitude of industry leaders, top-tier international service providers and senior government officials who will present first-hand information on the latest developments in residence and citizenship planning.

The premium delegate profile and event exclusivity will provide unrivalled networking opportunities with the industry elite and highly focused content on the international trend of increasing mobility.


3 March 2016 - The future for UK immigration policy – regulation, enforcement and the Immigration Bill
3 March 2016


The focus: 

The future of Government’s immigration strategy.



Comes at a time of wide-ranging reform and policy development, including:

  • The current Immigration Bill – which seeks to strengthen immigration law enforcement, introduce new sanctions on illegal immigration, and tackle exploitation of low-skilled workers;
  • The Constitution Committee’s newly published report, which raises questions about the impact of the Bill on vulnerable asylum-seekers;
  • The Home Affairs Committee Immigration: skills shortages report, with concerns about the working of the Tier 2 cap and its impact on net migration and economic aims;
  • The Migration Advisory Committee’s forthcoming report into Government strategy to reduce non-EEA work migration;
  • Measures set out in the Spending Review, including provisions to make passport applications digital, streamline the visa process and better identify those in the UK illegally; and
  • The Office of National Statistics’ Quarterly Report, indicating a continued rise in net migration to the UK.



Includes keynote contributions from Glyn Williams, Director, Immigration and Border Policy, Home Office and Dana Spinant, Head of Unit, Irregular Migration and Return Policy, DG HOME, EU Commission.
Key discussion points:

  • Illegal immigration and enforcement – challenges for implementing current legislative proposals, including new restrictions on access to rented accommodation, driving licences and bank accounts;
  • Labour exploitation and inspection – the impact of newly proposed sanctions on illegal workers and ‘rogue employers’, and the way forward for improving regulatory coordination in this area of enforcement;
  • Immigration and the UK economy – including the Migration Advisory Committee’s review of the Tier 2 route, with latest thinking on skill levies, tackling skill shortages, and the future of the intra-company transfer route; and
  • The immigration rules – challenges for the future regulation of Non-EEA migration, including the future of Tier 4 and its implications for FE and HE sectors.



Keynotes: Glyn Williams, Director, Immigration and Border Policy, Home Office and Dana Spinant, Head of Unit, Irregular Migration and Return Policy, DG HOME, EU Commission.


Further confirmed speakers: Howard Catton, Head of Policy and International Affairs, Royal College of Nursing; Bobby Duffy, Managing Director, Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute; Saira Grant, Chief Executive, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants; Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, National Landlords Association; Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman, Migration Watch UK; Ben Sheldrick, Managing Partner, Magrath LLP Solicitors; Tony Smith, Manging Director, Fortinus Global; Alex Proudfoot, Chief Executive, Study UK; Henry St Clair Miller, Manager, No Recourse to Public Funds Network, Islington Council; Madeleine Sumption, Director, Migration Observatory and Colin Yeo, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers.


Chairs: Daniel Kawczynski MP, Member, Foreign Affairs Committee and Stuart McDonald MP, Shadow SNP Spokesperson, Immigration, Asylum and Border Control and Member, Home Affairs Committee have kindly agreed to chair this seminar.



Places have been reserved by parliamentary pass-holders from the House of Commons and officials from the Crown Prosecution Service; DH; Government Legal Department; Home Office; MoJ; National Crime Agency; Office for National Statistics; Office of the Children’s Commissioner; Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner; The Scottish Government and UK Border Agency. Also due to attend are representatives from 5 St Andrew’s Hill Chambers; Ash Norton Solicitors; Association of Commonwealth Universities; Avon & Bristol Law Centre; Brunel University; Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales; Central & Cecil; Citizens Advice Southend; DAC Beachcroft; Dearson Winyard International; Doyle Clayton Solicitors; Ernst & Young; Ethical Trading Initiative; ETS; Farani Javid Taylor Solicitors; Farrer & Co; Ferguson Snell & Associates; Fisher Jones Greenwood; Fox Williams; Fragomen; Gherson; Goldsmiths, University of London; Healys; International Student Internship Scheme; INTO IUP; Kick Start Enterprise; Kingsley Napley; KLS, University of Kent; Laura Devine Solicitors; Leeds Beckett Students’ Union; London & Partners; Magrath LLP Solicitors; Mishcon de Reya; Paul Hamlyn Foundation; Payne Hicks Beach; PwC Legal; Sterling & Law Associates; Target Housing; Travers Smith; UK Council for International Student Affairs; UK Institute for Migration Research; University of Derby; University of Hull; University of Warwick; Wesley Gryk Solicitors and Withers.


Seminar supported by Magrath LLP Solicitors

Book Online | Live Agenda | Our Website


7 January 2015 - EB-5 Data Security-Risk Management and Insurance Considerations: WEBINAR
7 January 2015
Time: 3:00 PM EST/ 12:00 PM PST*

Join us on January 7th for an important and timely webinar discussing risk management and insurance considerations in an EB-5 transaction.
On this webinar, we will review the domestic and international legal framework which establishes liability for Regional Centers relating to the transfer and storage of sensitive information. Our expert panel will provide recommendations to Regional Centers and other EB-5 stakeholders on how to mitigate risk in an EB-5 transaction. Moreover, we will discuss the latest trends for data breaches and what Regional Centers can do from a technological standpoint to minimize risk.


Lastly, we will present a description of what insurance products will work when it comes to transferring the costs associated with a data breach to an insurance carrier and what major legal/technological protocols are of importance to an insurance carrier.





David Souders, IIUSA Director: Vice President, Todd & Associates, Inc.



Mark Greisiger, President, NetDiligence



Michelle A. Reed, Partner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP


1 December 2015 - MPI Webinar Examining the U.S. EB-5 Program and “Investor Visa” Programs in Europe, Canada, Australia
1 December 2015

Investor Visa Programs: Examining their Utility, Challenges, and Successes


A webinar with

Demetrios G. Papademetriou, President, MPI Europe, and President Emeritus, MPI

Kate Hooper, Research Assistant, MPI


Tuesday, December 1, 2015
16:00 CET (Brussels, Berlin, Madrid) / 15:00 GMT (London, Lisbon) / 10:00 A.M. ET (New York, DC)/
9:00 A.M. CT (Chicago)/ 7:00 A.M. PT (San Francisco)

n December 11, the EB-5 regional center program, a key piece of the U.S. EB-5 investor visa program is set to expire unless Congress acts to reauthorize or simply extend it. The EB-5 program grants legal permanent residence (green cards) to foreign nationals who invest at least $1 million (or $500,000 in poorer areas) in a U.S. commercial enterprise that creates or preserves ten jobs. While many stakeholders are pushing to renew the program with certain appropriate reforms, others have called for its termination, citing reports of fraud, abuse, and unclear economic benefits.

Uncertainty about the future of the U.S. EB-5 program comes as several other Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries are trying to maximize the investor visa programs’ economic benefits. Canada unveiled a new pilot program in January, targeting wealthy foreign nationals willing to make a long-term investment in a venture capital fund, while in July, Australia revised its investment requirements and launched a new “Premium Investor” channel for very wealthy applicants. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is reviewing the overall design of its Tier 1 (Investor) program, to try and ascertain which investments would generate the greatest economic benefits.

Against this backdrop, Migration Policy Institute President Emeritus Demetrios Papademetriou and MPI’s Kate Hooper will examine the motivations underpinning recent changes to investor visa programs in North America, Europe, and elsewhere, and the implications for the future direction of these programs.

Please click here to register

19-20 November 2015 - 7th Biennial Global Immigration Conference
Event Date
19-20 November 2015
Mandarin Oriental, London

A conference presented by the IBA Immigration and Nationality Law Committee, supported by the IBA European Regional Forum

Topics will include:

  • Current law for business visitors
  • Global transfers/skilled workers/compliance
  • Entrepreneurs and investments
  • Recent developments in EU migration law
  • The current state of US immigration and the future
  • Citizenship – growth in second citizenships and loss of citizenships
  • Can the family come too? Who is the family?
  • How do Governments deal with immigration as a political and economic issue?


Who Should Attend?

Immigration lawyers, policy-makers, in-house counsel dealing with immigration matters, human resource managers and other parties interested in immigration issues.

IMC Participation

IMC are conference headline sponsors and exhibitors at this event. The IMC staff will be delighted to meet you at this event should you have an interest in joining the association or looking for further information on the association’s work.

Further Information
9-10 November 2015 - Investment Immigration Summit
Event Date
9-10 November 2015
Renaissance Harbour view Hotel, Hong Kong

The summit is an unrivaled meeting place for the region’s leading migration agents, immigration law firms, private bankers and other representatives of high net worth individuals from China.

This year’s focus is on uncovering new / revamped investment immigration programmes including Canada’s SUV, Changes to EB-5, Australia’s SIV & PIV, the Caribbean, and Europe’s Golden Visa.

To help you uncover these opportunities we’ve added 2 brand new networking features: Revamped online meeting planner, to maximize your networking opportunities pre and post event and “Private Workshops” – lead by our distinguished speakers offering you exclusive information you wouldn’t be able to hear anywhere else.

Don’t miss your chance to network and meet with our esteemed guest speakers for our 2015 show including the Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, H.E. Dr. Joseph John, Ambassador at Large, and Adviser to the Prime Minister on the Citizenship by Investment Programme, Antigua and Barbuda, Steve Horsford, Executive Director, Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee, and many more.

Who Should Attend?

Property Developers, National Investment Promotion Agencies, Regional Centres, Investor Immigration Approved Investment Funds, Immigration Lawyers, Offshore Companies, Immigration Agents, Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Family Offices, UHNWI / HNWI.


As a guest of the IMC, this entitles you to a 15% savings on Delegate fees. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Email to reserve your place today, before seats are all taken up.

IMC Participation

Mr Bruno L’ecuyer, Chief Executive, Investment Migration Council will be presenting on Tuesday, 10th November.

Topic: Global Immigration Regulations.  Should you be interested in booking an appointment with him, send your request to:

2-3 November 2015 - 9th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference
Event Date
2-3 November 2015
Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai

Henley & Partners is pleased to host its 9th annual Global Residence and Citizenship Conference in Dubai in November 2015. Having successfully hosted this event in multiple locations globally, we expect the 2015 event in Dubai to be an unprecedented success, with well over 300 delegates, and over 40 innovative industry speakers.  This conference will cover important developments in the area of residence and citizenship planning and will provide up-to-date information from the industry leader, top-tier international service providers and senior government officials. The premium delegate profile and event exclusivity provides unrivalled networking opportunities with the industry elite and highly focused content on the international trend of increasing mobility.

Further Information
29 October 2015 - Strategies for Fulfilling the Annual EB-5 Regional Center Reporting Requirement
29 October 2015
Webinar Series: IIUSA Invest in the USA

For the fifth year, IIUSA will be holding a practical workshop for how to approach Regional Centers filings of Form I-924A.

The annual reporting is used to demonstrate a Regional Center’s continued eligibility for the Regional Center designation, which must be filed for each fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) within 90 days after the end of the fiscal year (on or before December 29) of the calendar year in which the fiscal year ended. The failure to timely file a Form I-924A Supplement will result in the issuance of an intent to terminate the participation of the regional center, which may ultimately result in the termination of the approval and designation of the regional center. In addition to regional centers, EB-5 stakeholders such as attorneys, developers and project managers will benefit from the webinar’s examination of how to correctly file this petition.

IIUSA’s expert panelists will take a closer look aspects of the I-924A filing such as reporting of statistics such as capital investments, industry designation (NAICS codes) as well as job creation estimation and methodology.


  1. Ronald Klasko- Managing Partner, Klasko Immigration Law Partners

Anna Morzy – Partner, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Samuel Silverman – Managing Partner, EB-5 Affiliate Network


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