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About IMC Education and Training (IMCET)


The Investment Migration Council (IMC) has created an Education and Training Division to facilitate and build courses, qualifications and training for those working in, or associated with, the Investment Migration industry.

IMCET is the Investment Migration Industry’s only provider of certificated, professional education and training programmes for advisors, agents, lawyers, programme staff and others working on or associated with the industry.

Key Features of the New Education and Training Regime

  • Delivery of practical knowledge, skills and competency at multiple levels
  • Benchmarked against global educational standards
  • Courses and training delivered online via Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Comprehensive support material that includes::
    • Module manuals
    • Case studies and examples
    • Interactive e- learning modules
    • Master classes


Latest Updates


To the Certification in Investment Migration, we have now added the option to register for bite-sized modules. You can choose to register for Individual Modules, which can ultimately still convert to a Cert (IM).


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Diploma In Investment Migration ‑ Dip (IM) & Post-Graduate Diploma in Investment Migration – PG Dip (IM) will follow later.