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About IMC Education and Training


IMC Education & Training is the division within the Investment Migration Council which has been mandated with the responsibility to design and deliver training programmes for those working in or associated with the IM sector.

These courses and subsequent qualifications are designed to enhance the technical knowledge, competencies and expertise for advisors, agents, lawyers, programmes staff and others working in the sector.


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Marie Lou Cutajar


Marie Lou acts as the point of contact within the IMC for all training related enquires. She is responsibile for the day-to-day co-ordination and administration of the training programmes, making sure that all those who enrol for the course have the assistance they require. 

IMC Education & Training: The Objectives

Key Features of the Education and Training Regime

  1. Delivery of practical knowledge, skills and competency at multiple levels
  2. Benchmarked against global educational standards
  3. Courses and training delivered online via Learning Management System (LMS)
  4. Comprehensive support material that includes:
    • Module manuals
    • Case studies and examples
    • Interactive e-learning modules

Certification in Investment Migration

  1.   100% Online Course
  2.   Around 25 Hours of Total Study Time
  3.   5 Modules available upon registration
  4.   2 Hour, Online 100 Multiple Choice Test
  5.   70% Pass mark
  6.   'IMC Certification in Investment Migration' awarded
  7.   Designation Cert(IM) after successful completion
The course has been very successful amongst practitioners working in the IM sector.  However we are well aware that busy work schedules can be challenging for someone who wishes to upskill their sector knowledge. This difficulty has now been addressed by the launch of a new flexible study format which includes the option to register for modules individually as well.


Design your own Certification

IMCET's training portfoilio consists now of 7 Modules, from which one can choose to create their own version of the Certification.  Also one can choose to register for Modules individually over a period of time.  Once 5 Modules are completed, these will be converted into the designation Cert (IM)  and will then be considered a certified IM practitioner


The price includes the following benefits:

  • Online registration
  • All Training course material
  • The online examination
  • Access to progress reports
  • Access to the mobile app Learning path
  • Certificate and the professional designation Cert (IM) on successful completion

You can either pay by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or by Bank Transfer.  All details will be provided on the invoice.

The course is very flexible.  You choose when and where to study.  There is no need to log on at specific times as you will have access to all the material, and you can therefore study at your own pace from anywhere around the world.

The certification needs to be completed within 6 months.  However, the average total study time is that of around 25 hours.  In fact, each Module should take around 5 hours of study time. When registering for an individual Module, you are to complete it within 30 days.

Once the exam is completed, you will get results instantly and you’ll also have access to the Certificate which will be found under your profile in your own portal.

Citizenship and Residence by Investment                                               

IM - Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence

Ethics, Conduct and Professional Standards in Investment Migration

Personal Data: Management and Protection                                                    

Common Reporting Standard and Mandatory Disclosure Rules

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Prevention

Demand for Residence and Citizenship by Investment

Student Stories


"The Certification in Investment Migration is a must for all practitioners, regardless of the level of expertise in the field. Very well structured, easy to follow and flexible to study it gives a practical insight in many areas which are key to the industry. "

- Andres Gutierrez, Cert (IM),
CSB Group, Malta Sotheby's International Realty


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"A great learning experience with the Investment Migration Council. Thank you IMC for providing a course which provides an in depth knowledge in Investment Migration."

–Varun Singh

XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt

“The certification in investment migration created by the IMC is relevant and thorough. It provides us, legal practitioners, with guidance and insight to help tackle challenges we are often faced with. I highly recommend this entry course to all industry stakeholders.”


-Pierre Etienne Balthazar Lacasse,

Lawyer at CJ Legal Services Vietnam)

“I really liked the course and learned about the policies on Due Diligence that are not known in China.  It includes the key learning elements that people simply are not picking up anywhere else.

A very good overview. An excellent course and I was really happy with it.”

- Jusztina Rebeka Juhasz