Industry Reports

Jul 2022

Partnering in the Fight Against Financial Crime: Data Protection, Technology and Private Sector Information Sharing

Published By: FATF
Jul 2022

Commission recommendation on immediate steps in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in relation to investor citizenship schemes and investor residence schemes

Published By: European Commission
May 2022

2021 UN Geneva Annual Report: Shaping Renewed Multilateralism

Published By: United Nations
Mar 2022

Investment Migration Programs 2022

Published By: Henley & Partners
Jan 2022

2021 Annual International Migration and Forced Displacement Trends and Policies Report to the G20

Published By: OECD
Dec 2021

Staying Ahead: Due Diligence in Residence and Citizenship by Investment Programmes

Published By: Chisanga Chekwe
Nov 2021

Avenues for EU action on citizenship and residence by investment schemes

Published By: European Parliamentary Research Service
Aug 2021

EU competences and “genuine links” in Citizenship-by-Investment

Published By: Investment Migration Council
Aug 2021

Worldwide Immigration Trends Report Q2 2021 Supplement

Published By: Fragomen
Apr 2021

Genuine Purity of Blood: The 2019 Report on Investor Citizenship and Residence in the European Union and its Litigious Progeny

Published By: The London School of Economics and Political Science
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