Why Become a Member?

The strength of the Association and its message comes from its members. As an IMC member, you benefit from the professional development, networking opportunities and information services provided by the association, all of which enhance your business and promote professionalism and high ethical standards.

Being part of the leading global association concerned with investment-related migration, you will benefit from keeping up-to-date on latest trends and developments in the field.

Apply For a Membership

Membership is for individuals and companies (or other legal entities) who wish to become members of the Investment Migration Council, a not-for-profit association within the meaning of Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code and with its registered office in Geneva, Switzerland.


There are two pathways to IMC membership: the education route and the experience route. It is planned that eventually the experience route will be phased out, and the membership journey will only be possible through the education route (except for Fellows).

Membership by Education

The journey to membership via the education route is the recommended one since this strengthens the skills and knowledge of members and by consequence the wider industry. On successful completion of the Certification in Investment Migration, Non IMC Members  will become eligible  for membership  of the IMC at Associate level.

Membership by Experience

To follow suit with other professional bodies, membership by experience is offered to those practitioners who meet the necessary criteria in any membership tier to be members of the IMC.

The IMC offers 5 different levels of annual membership for individuals with each offering its own set of benefits:


An individual who is in current full-time education


Per year


An individual whose full-time activity is dedicated to teaching or research within the investment migration industry or related field


Per year


An individual who has less than 5 years of work experience within the field of investment migration


Per year


An individual who has more than 5 years of work experience within the field of investment migration


Per year


The highest level of membership. An individual who has been a professional member of the IMC for 5 consecutive years and has 10+ years of working experience with 3 years at senior level


Per year
Corporate and Organisations Membership

Obtaining company recognition in the investment migration industry demonstrates to clients that your company is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest industry standards and procedures.

With IMC corporate membership you can enroll a number of individuals as a group of 10 or 15 with one fee and one invoice on an annual subscription, making it simpler for an organization to register their team.

There are two levels of corporate membership:


Membership at this level is for firms that operate with a global footprint offering a variety of IM planning options to private clients with around 100 employees. This level includes up to 10 team members to join as full IMC Members.


Per year

Corporate PLUS

Membership at this level offers added benefits to the Corporate membership and includes up to 15 team members to join as full IMC Members.


Per year
Government & NGO’s

Government & NGO’s

Special Observer status is granted to sovereign states that wish to be involved because they have a vested interest in investment migration.
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Membership benefits

IMC membership ensures that you remain at the forefront of the latest industry trends and information. It encourages access to professional development opportunities, training and education and networking services provided by the association. The buttons below show the various member benefits available at each IMC membership tier and those for Corporate membership.