Building a Stronger Industry Through Education

“The IMC is the only global organisation that can drive forward the standardisation of the knowledge and best practices for this industry”, said Jusztina Rebeka Juhasz, an IMC member and the first practitioner to successfully complete the Certification in Investment Migration.

That is why, the IMC constituted a new division – IMC Education & Training (IMCET), to make sure there is a focus on professional training to enhance technical knowledge, competencies and expertise of IM professionals.

The Certification in Investment Migration is gaining momentum!

The number of registrations keeps on growing, as more are seeing the importance of getting certified by the IMC –not only to showcase this new professional designation, Cert (IM), but also to increase their knowledge in the industry, to reduce risks in their firms and to help IM gain more credibility.

This first global online course of its type, accredited by the IMC in Geneva, is a ground-breaking initiative – which brings together core essential topics.  It does not only identify risks in the industry, such as Money-Laundering, but it also provides solutions – preventative measures.

“The use of examples and case studies were very useful and helped a lot when it came to grasp the material”, stated Roleece Brooks, another course graduate.  Practical application of the IMC Code of Ethics, for example, should be more useful for practitioners to conduct business in a more transparent, credible way- rather than just a theoretical approach.

Jusztina Rebeka Juhasz, also pointed out that the course “includes the key learning elements that people simply are not picking up anywhere else”.  In fact, the 5 modules that make up the Certification in Investment Migration explore the different aspects of this industry, from a historical point of view to what are the best practices when it comes to KYC, CDD and data protection.

Dr Yanica Woods, an IMC member herself, who completed the course recently, said that  “it is a highly recommended course for those who work in the investment migration sector”, with Roleece Brooks backing her up, by adding that this should be made mandatory for anyone working in IM.

Having practitioners certified by the IMC will not only enhance the firm’s reputation, but also that of the industry itself.  Having the right tools, will help in making sure that only the right applicants are granted citizenship or residence, safeguarding the granting state’s well-being.

And to add to all of this – this is a 100% online course, to be completed from the comfort of your home, at your own pace: with an estimated total study time of 20-25 hours.  The very flexible delivery method, through a state-of-the-art Learning Management System, meets people’s different preferred ways of learning; whether it’s PDF format documents or interactive, engaging exercises.

On successful completion of the Certification in Investment Migration, Non-IMC Members will become eligible for membership of the IMC at Associate Level.  While those who are already members, they will strengthen the skills and knowledge and by consequence the wider industry.

So, let us build together a stronger, more solid, well-respected industry.

Author: Marie Lou Cutajar IMCM, Cert IM, Education & Training Administrator, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland

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