IMC Education & Training Introduces New Format For Its Certification In Investment Migration

Author: Marie Lou Cutajar, IMC Education & Training Administrator 

IMC Education and Training (IMCET) is the division within the Investment Migration Council specifically developed to design and implement online e-learning course materials, which lead to globally recognised qualifications within this vibrant IM sector.

The first such course available and accessible to all globally has been very well received over the past 18 months and has served to provide practitioners, with quality materials to enhance their existing technical knowledge and competencies.

This successful training has already led to over 100 graduates and, notably, certificate attainment has doubled over the last six months of 2020. This is indicative of the benefits gained from providing a global, standardised education and training framework, which hitherto was very much needed within the IM ecosystem and many more IM providers are now on board with the IMCET mindset.

View the educational training via the link: Certification in Investment Migration.

In recent months, IMCET has collated and evaluated all course feedback from a cross section of participants. View students’ stories via the link: each and every comment, where the clear indicators identified a desire for development of the current course, to enable those who are struggling to upskill their sector knowledge, as a consequence of managing very busy work schedules. This difficulty has been addressed by IMCET’s launching of a new flexible study format, including bitesize modules, providing a new framework for the Certification, which should better-serve those professionals with competing demands on their time.

The Certification in Investment Migration’s new training model will be split into 7 individual modules. Undoubtedly, the original 5 modules constituting the Certification have proven popular amongst professionals, in particular AML, KYC and CDD. Cognisant of this, the IMCET has sought to keep the existing topics, whilst also initiating the development of new materials. Over the summer months of 2020 there have been 2 NEW topics, written and prepared by experts in the field, namely Demand for Residence and Citizenship by Investment and CRS in Investment Migration, both of which will be introduced to the portfolio.

The Certification in Investment Migration is still being offered as a qualification and can still be purchased as a package. However, we are also introducing a variation, whereby modules will be offered individually, and one can choose which topics to register for from the below list, then purchase and study these over a longer period of time.

  1. Citizenship and Residence by Investment
  2. Ethics, Conduct and Professional Standards in Investment Migration
  3. Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Prevention
  4. Investor Migration – Know your Customer and Customer Due Diligence
  5. Personal Data: Management and Protection
  6. Demand for Residence and Citizenship by Investment
  7. CRS in Investment Migration

3 Modules will be compulsory; however, 2 modules are to be chosen from the remaining 4 elective ones. As soon as a student completes a total of 5 modules, whether purchased as a package or individually, these will be converted into the designation Cert (IM) and he/she will then be considered
a certified IM practitioner.

Each module consists of an e-learning option, with interactive activities, PDF documents and essential reading recommendations. This will all be delivered on the Learning Management System, a platform which has been very popular amongst students, with each module expected to take approximately 5 hours in total study time.

Following completion of each module, a 20-minute test will be carried out consisting of 20 questions. These micro-learning opportunities and ultimate flexibility not only make it easier for busy practitioners to achieve a certification, but also provides them with the perfect tool to upskill their employees by giving them the opportunity to get the much-needed training, without the need to invest and commit to lengthy, time-consuming courses.

Even though IMCET is focusing on offering this new study format, it highly recommends that all those who have already completed the Certification in Investment Migration, should explore the idea of registering for the new bitesize modules. The training portfolio shall continue to develop and grow with new material, which will examine topics related to different areas of the sector, thus ensuring continuous personal development opportunities.

For those of you who are interested in registering please contact: [email protected]

The IMC continues to honour its commitment towards enhancing the sector’s standards. This new study framework is one example of how it is creating an even more solid ground for further professionalisation within the sector. Clearly there is a pressing need to demonstrate that IM can self-regulate in an appropriate and professionally skilled manner, in order to achieve increased credibility and transparency from within. The IMC is facilitating the standardisation of the IM community through
an invaluable education and training programme and encourages you to take advantage of the opportunities it has made available.

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