Malta’s Residency Options at a Glance: Solutions for Global Migrants

The Residency Malta Agency, led by CEO Jonathan Cardona, outlines the key benefits Malta offers for families, digital nomads, as well as start-up founders.

The world is witnessing a significant surge in global migration, with high- net-worth individuals from countries facing economic challenges seeking alternative jurisdictions to safeguard their future. The value of freedom of movement has gained newfound significance in the wake of the Covid pandemic’s restrictive periods. Additionally, as remote work has become the norm, digital nomads and remote workers have discovered the ability to work from anywhere while maintaining their employment and business ties to their home country.

These remarkable shifts and trends are creating a growing demand for economic mobility and solutions that facilitate the relocation of families and businesses. Residency Malta has stepped in to provide answers and solutions to meet these evolving needs.

Malta’s Appeal

People considering relocating to a new country often have specific motivations. The desire to provide a better future for their families is a common driving force. Healthcare, education, and safety are key concerns for prospective immigrants, and Malta excels in these areas. The country is known for its safe environment, reputable educational opportunities, and top-notch healthcare services. Despite its multicultural community, Malta’s societal values are deeply rooted in family, and its small size fosters a close-knit community. The added benefit of English as an official language makes communication effortless.

From a business perspective, Malta offers a robust jurisdiction with a diverse economy, access to the European market, a pro-business environment, and support from government entities. Daily air and sea connections to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, along with excellent telecommunications infrastructure, make it an ideal hub for businesses. Malta Enterprise, the government’s economic development agency, provides funding support for start-ups, and the country’s small size is perfect for testing new products and services.

For digital nomads, Malta presents a unique opportunity to experience diverse cultures and histories, make friends, enjoy the pleasant climate and outdoor activities, meet like-minded individuals, and work from anywhere using the abundant public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Residency Malta’s Offerings

Residency Malta offers distinct solutions and migratory pathways for non-EU nationals through three flagship programmes:

  • Malta Permanent Residence Programme: This programme allows families to establish Malta as their permanent second home through a residency-by-investment solution.
  • Nomad Residence Permit: Designed for remote workers, this programme offers temporary residence for one year, with the option to renew twice, allowing up to three years of residence.
  • Malta Startup Residence Programme: Founders, co-founders, core employees, and their family members can obtain a three-year residency permit (extendable for an additional five years) (3 years + 3 years for core employees) while setting up innovative ventures in Malta

Prioritising Due Diligence

One of Residency Malta’s key focuses is due diligence, ensuring only fit and proper individuals are granted Maltese residency, maintaining the strength and reputation of its programmes. Stringent checks are conducted on all applicants across all programmes.

Maintaining Service Excellence

Residency Malta upholds high levels of service excellence through substantial investments in people, training, and technology. Specialised training for team members keeps them at the forefront of their respective fields. Our ongoing digitalisation efforts have improved efficiency and efficacy, allowing automated processes to handle routine tasks, and freeing up time for more complex responsibilities.

Malta’s Irresistible Allure

The true allure of our programmes lies in Malta itself— a strategic Mediterranean location, rich history, family-oriented culture, hospitable people, and world-class services create an unbeatable combination.

In conclusion, Residency Malta offers compelling solutions for those seeking a change in their lives, whether for family, business, or adventure. Malta’s unique blend of opportunities and its commitment to service excellence make it a prime destination for those looking to enhance their quality of life.

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