Industry Reports

Nov 2020

Who wants to buy a visa? Comparing the uptake of residence by investment programs in the European Union

Published By: Kristin Surak
Aug 2020

Investment Migration, Economic Development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Published By: Investment Migration Council in collaboration with CIGLOB
Aug 2020

Report on Investment Migration

Published By: Published by Council of Europe (CoE)
Jul 2020

Citizenship by Investment Programmes: An EU Risk Assessment

Published By: Oxford Analytica for Henley and Partners
May 2020

Millionaire mobility and the sale of citizenship

Published By: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Mar 2020

Europe’s Golden Doors

Published By: Global Witness
Jan 2020

Due Diligence in Investment Migration Current Applications and Trends

Published By: Oxford Analytica
Jan 2020

Due Diligence in Investment Migration Best Approach and Minimum Standard Recommendations

Published By: Oxford Analytica
Oct 2019

EESC Opinion on EC report ‘Investor Citizenship and Residence Schemes in the EU’

Published By: European Economic and Social Committee
Sep 2019

Weighing Up Second Passport Power in Small States: A SWOT Analysis of the Citizenship-by-Investment Industry

Published By: Commonwealth Secretariat
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