Dr. Christian H. Kälin Launches Personal Website

Member of the Governing Board of the Investment Migration Council and Chairman of the largest residence and citizenship advisory firm, Dr. Christian H. Kälin, who is also known as ‘Mr. Citizenship’ or ‘The Passport King’, has launched a new website. The personal website features a selection of Kälin’s many speeches and publications, and a range of top-tier media interviews and profiles.

Dr. Kälin is often referred to as the pioneer of citizenship-by-investment and as one of the leader of the associated investment migration industry, including his role at the IMC. As Atossa Araxia Abrahamian explains in her 2015 profile of Kälin for The New Republic and in her book The Cosmopolites: The Coming of the Global Citizen, one of Kälin’s key interventions was in St. Kitts and Nevis, whose citizenship-by-investment program he advised to completely reform and revive in 2006-2007. This contributed substantially to rescue the country from the economic crisis following the closure of its sugar industry. The result, to quote Abrahamian, was an “economic miracle”. Converting its citizenship into a natural resource “has enabled the country to pull itself out of an economic recession, increase bank liquidity, and balance its budget”, as also the International Monetary Fund, IMF, has noted in several reports.

Dr. Kälin and Henley & Partners have likewise worked with many other governments in structuring some of the most successful residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs that generate significant foreign direct investment for these countries and their citizens. The firm recently won also the mandate to generate similar value for the country of Moldova through the new Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment program.

Kälin’s website also provides details of his philanthropic engagements, which center on the plight of displaced people around the world and on the relief work done by the UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations in this area. In addition to chairing the Global Citizen Award Committee, he is also the founder and chairman of the Switzerland-based Andan Foundation, which focuses on the plight of displaced people.

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