Home Secretary Announces Plans for Citizenship Reforms

The Home Secretary proposed a series of reforms to British citizenship today (Tuesday 2 October). The reforms include tougher English language requirements for people applying for British citizenship and proposals to reform the Life in the UK test to give greater prominence to the British values and principles expected of those wishing to call the UK their permanent home.

A public consultation will be brought forward on the Life in the UK test, which is the test an individual is required to take as part of their application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK, and accompanying handbook. The proposals would ensure that the test is more relevant to daily life and culture in the UK.

In addition, the level of language proficiency expected for adults seeking to naturalise as British citizens will be raised.

He also outlined that powers to deprive individuals of their British citizenship will be applied to individuals convicted of the most serious criminal offences, where it is in the public interest.


Source: gov.uk

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