The Investment Migration Council Reaches Nearly 300 Members

Launched in October 2014, the Investment Migration Council governing-board-rros_resized(IMC) is the only global association for professionals involved in investor migration and citizenship-by-investment. The IMC has been growing rapidly under the leadership of its Chief Executive, Bruno L’ecuyer.  It has recently reported that its membership has grown to nearly 300, with members from over 30 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Australasia, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, and North America.

The IMC’s main objective is not to only to respond to industry needs, but to lead the investor migration sector by setting industry standards worldwide. In the last twelve months alone the organization has launched the industry’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct policy, aimed at improving standards, transparency and elevating client confidence in a rapidly growing market. It also successfully organized the first Investment Migration Forum — Dubbed the ‘Davos’ of the Citizenship-by-Investment industry meeting, which has governments, leading business professionals and academics meet in Geneva for three days of policy discussions. The organization further aims to help improve public understanding of the issues faced by clients and governments in this area.

IMC Chairman, Professor Dr. Dimitry Kochenov, commented: “We are absolutely delighted at having reached this important milestone. It is no surprise that industry professionals have, and continues to see the tangible advantages of belonging to the IMC.’’ Members benefit from the professional development, networking opportunities and information services provided by the association. The IMC also enables members to increase their business’ reach and enhance their brand position by informing them about the most up-to-date-industry trends.

Austin Fragomen, founding partner of the world’s largest immigration law firm, said, “An important role of the IMC is to bring together what is essentially a global community. The IMC has managed in a very short space of time to forge strong foundations that bridge the gap between governments, academics and professionals in this fast-growing industry.’’  Christopher Curmi, Director of Deloitte, added: “The IMC is first and foremost the association for leading professionals and companies in the field, but also plays a crucial role with governments and regulators, leading academic debate and research. No doubt the IMC will continue its success in uniting the industry and establishing the highest standards.”

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