Latest Updates from IMC Education and Training

We are delighted to announce that IMC Education and Training has now launched a new flexible study format.

The highly successful Certification in Investment Migration continues to evolve and respond to the demands of our students. Today we are now also offering the opportunity to register and purchase modules  from the certification individually providing even more flexibility to the learning journey.

Additionally, we have also added two NEW modules, written by experts in the field, which adds to the continuous personal development opportunities already available.

This new training model does not only contribute towards enhancing the participants’ knowledge in the sector through micro-learning elements, but also provides the opportunity to convert a total of 5 individual Modules of choice, as per below, into the designation Cert (IM) becoming a certified IM practitioner.

May we also remind you that IMC Members are entitled to a 10% discount when purchasing an IMCET product.

For more information, please contact us on [email protected]

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