IMC Delegation Meets with European Legislators

The Investment Migration Council (IMC), the global association for Investment Migration, held a series of positive and informative bilateral meetings with representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Parliamentary Research Service, Member State Permanent Representations, and also took part in a debate on Investment Migration at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The IMC were pleased to engage with policy makers from across the EU institutions to share their insights on how to best achieve the shared objectives of enhanced transparency, cooperation and fairness within Investment Migration globally. We also welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate the fundamental societal and economic benefits of IM programmes sovereign states benefit from such as increased government revenue, employment creation and enhanced infrastructure spending.

The IMC stands ready to continue engaging with EU policy makers and is working proactively to promote high professional standards and education among its members and across the wider industry. We are developing new research into a number of priority areas and we have already shared some key findings with the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, the European Parliamentary Research Service, OECD and other stakeholders. Our research is publicly available on our website. The IMC continues working to ensure new independent research on key areas such as: Minimum Standards in Due Diligence in IM Programmes, National Security and Investment Migration; Societal Benefits of Investment Migration; Financial Crimes and Investment Migration is published alongside academic working papers, which are peer-reviewed.

Commenting on this series of initiatives, IMC chief executive Bruno L’ecuyer said “With the support of the industry making this engagement possible, we look forward to continued cooperation with the European Parliament, Commission, EU Member States, OECD, as well as other international organisations, in order to provide balance in the debate surrounding the industry” L’ecuyer goes on to say “Our objective is a rigorous, fair and formalised system for the specialised immigration category known as Investment Migration, with standards that will mitigate the risks of abuse”.


Published: January 2019

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