Why Italian Dual Citizenship Is Trending In The US

Dual citizenship is a growing trend in the US as Americans are more than keen to acquire the status and the rights it brings. But the entire process can be lengthy and complex, depending on the country you choose. The last few years have witnessed a surge in demand for Italian dual citizenship, with American citizens making a beeline for it. There are plenty of valid reasons to consider it as your second passport destination. But before explaining these benefits of Italian dual citizenship, we want to highlight how the process works and what options you can explore according to your circumstances.

Know your options for Italian dual citizenship
If you are keen on obtaining Italian dual citizenship, you must first start by understanding the options. One or more options may match your circumstances, so it will be easy to decide if you have complete information about eligibility, process, and timelines for each alternative. Let us explain them in detail.

Citizenship by descent (Jure Sanguinis)
This option is applicable if you have an ancestral connection with the country. Further, the rights automatically pass on to the next generations once you complete the process. Before you apply, you must ensure eligibility and have valid documents to prove it. You will be eligible if your father or mother was an Italian citizen at the time of your birth. The rule also applies if your paternal or maternal grandfather or paternal or maternal great-grandfather was an Italian citizen. The rule, however, differs for applicants with a female bloodline. Maternal rights are passed only to children born after 1948, though you can apply under the 1948 rule if you want to apply through a relative born before 1948.

Citizenship by marriage
If you are married to an Italian, you can apply for citizenship by marriage. But you will have to wait for two years of marriage if you live in Italy and three years if you reside in another country. The period is cut short to half if you have adopted or biological children with an Italian spouse. You will require marriage registration to serve as documentary evidence of your relationship with the partner. Further, you will also need to prove language proficiency while applying through this route.

Citizenship by naturalization
Citizenship through naturalization is a complex route, but it is apt for people who have been residing here for at least ten years. The period is reduced to four years for those who can show a valid connection with the country, such as a relative who had given up citizenship in the past. An expert with a good understanding of visa laws can help you apply through this route.

Citizenship by investment
If you aren’t eligible to apply through descent, marriage, or naturalization, you can still obtain Italian citizenship by investment. You can check here for a great content on the process for getting an Italian Passport to see which one works for you. If none does, you can apply through a Golden Visa program by investing in an Italian company, innovative startup, a public interest project, or government bonds.

Now that you know all about the available options to obtain Italian dual citizenship, you will want to know whether it is worth the effort. It is one of the most desirable second citizenship destinations for US citizens, and the reputation is well-deserved.

Benefits of Italian second passport
The benefits of being a dual citizen are immense as you have the rights from both countries, but everything boils down to the choice of countries. Here are some reasons why Italian second passports are trending in the US.

EU citizenship rights
Acquiring an Italian second passport opens you to EU citizenship rights, which means that you have the freedom to live and move across the territory of the Union. You can travel visa-free in the region, enjoy the right to vote, buy property, and work at jobs reserved only to Italians. You also get protection from the consular and diplomatic authorities of any EU Member State.

Free public education
Italian citizens have a right to free public education, which means that their children will get a quality education without spending anything. They can also study in the other EU nations, many of which offer education free of cost.

Free healthcare
Italy is known to have one of the best healthcare systems, and you get access to free Italian National Health Care on getting a second passport. You have peace of mind about the cost of treatment here, no matter how expensive they are.

Besides these tangible reasons, there is a lot more that makes Italy an attractive second passport country for Americans. Picturesque views, excellent weather, and a peaceful lifestyle make it an ideal place for people looking to start afresh after retirement. It also presents lucrative opportunities for those in the workforce. Entrepreneurs can start a business with ease, while families love secure and calm living.

Source: latinpost.com
Published: 30 April 2021

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