Add value or Die! The Future of the RCBI industry Post C-19

Wednesday, 1st July 2020

Eric Major IMCM, CEO, Latitude Consultancy Limited, Jersey

Christopher Willis IMCM, Managing Director – GOVAD & Programme Delivery, Latitude Consultancy Limited, Jersey

Brandon Ing IMCM, Head of Marketing, Latitude Consultancy Limited, Jersey

During this broadcast, we will be discussing how the RCBI market has become a crowded market-place with tight margins, no barriers to entry and, in the Caribbean in particular, a fully commoditized and transactional offering. With no one single player owning more than 5% marketshare, and the mass affluent market segment being wipe-out by COVID, there is little prospect for growth in the near term for CBI firms. RBI programs, on the other hand, are poised to make a comeback. Grade A nations like the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia are back in peoples mind. And with those countries favoring ‘active’ entrepreneurs over passive investors, the future of our industry lies in matching the entrepreneurial talent and capital of our clients with start-ups and pre-revenue enterprises. More than ever, our economies need our clients’ “Reconstruction Capital”, both human and financial.

In association with Latitude Consultancy Limited

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