Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship-by-Investment Programme


With its efficient processing, rigorous due diligence, wide choice of investment options and the sheer physical attraction of the islands, the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship-by-Investment Programme is fast becoming a jurisdiction of choice. In fact, according to the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2016, Antigua and Barbuda is the “leading country in the Caribbean.”


Holders of an Antigua and Barbuda passport may now travel to 134 countries visa-free, including Canada, the UK and the European “Schengen” countries.


The Programme is managed by a dedicated Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), staffed by a team of professionals who are responsible for processing applications and recommending the approval of real estate and business investment options. The ultimate responsibility of the Programme rests with the Office of the Prime Minister.


To date, approximately 1,650 individuals have been granted citizenship by the CIU. For the first 6 months of 2016, the Unit received one hundred and forty-seven (147) applications.


-National Development Fund (NDF) – 114
-Real Estate – 20
-Investment in Business – 13


In addition, the Unit has recently afforded new citizens the opportunity to add dependants; minors under 18 years, spouse, parent or grandparent; after approval. There is also a no HIV test requirement for minors 0 – 11.


The following fees now apply for additions after approval:

-Processing fee – New Spouse  $75,000.00
-Processing fee – 0 – 11 years $25,000.00
-Processing fee – 12 – 17 years $25,000.00
-Processing fee – over 65 years $75,000.00
-Due Diligence fee – New Spouse $7,500.00
-Due diligence fee – 0 – 11 years $   N/A
-Due diligence fee – 12 – 17 years $2,000.00
-Due diligence fee – over 65 yrs  $4,000.00


The CIU has also recently created two National Development Fund (NDF) categories.

1. For a single applicant, or a family of 4 or less:


US$200,000 Contribution and processing fees of :

-Main applicant US$50,000
-Spouse US$50,000
-Up to two dependents pay no processing fees


2. Family of 5 or more:

US$250,000 Contribution and processing fees of :-

-Main applicant US$50,000
-Spouse US$50,000
-Up to three dependants pay no processing fees


Additionally, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda wishes to take this opportunity to apprise future citizens that biometric passports will be introduced as of January, 2017.


Despite being a relatively new entrant in the alternative citizenship space, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is already proving very popular with investors. Speedy processing and the quality of real estate offerings, give the programme a serious competitive advantage.


From all accounts, Antigua and Barbuda seems destined to punch above its weight in the international arena as it strives, according to the Prime Minister, Hon. Gaston Browne, to “become the economic powerhouse of the Eastern Caribbean.”



Author: Antigua & Barbuda CIU



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