Empowering Investment Migration Professionals: IMC Launches new Executive Master’s Programme Amid Unprecedented Global Changes

The Investment Migration Council unveils its Executive Master’s Programme, designed to assist professionals in navigating the multidimensional challenges of the rapidly evolving investment migration landscape. Dr Dee Allen and Philip Allen have assisted the IMC in developing the programme, and here they explain what students can expect.

2023 was an eventful year for investment migration, and 2024 shows no signs of being any different. Elections will shape global politics in 2024, and ongoing shifts in the global order will trigger significant changes in the policies and approaches many governments will take towards investment migration. Investment Migration Council (IMC) members now face a new challenge: dealing with complex multidimensional threats and changes happening simultaneously at breakneck speed. In the face of a broad, complex and ever-evolving regulatory landscape, IMC members must prepare to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities to confidently present recommendations to their clients and drive successful outcomes. Why is this going to be critical in 2024? In an increasingly competitive residency and citizenship market, wealthy individuals and their advisers expect those they are seeking guidance from to not only predict but also proactively navigate the nuanced migration landscape, thus proving their credibility, value, and evidence of their subject matter expertise.

The IMC Executive Master’s in Investment Migration

Focused on providing IMC members with a 360° vision of what is transforming the world of investment migration right now, the IMC’s new Executive Master’s in Investment Migration Programme equips students with the knowledge to meet clients’ growing demands, the confidence to adjust a firm’s offering to new business conditions and the awareness to seize opportunities before competitors do.

Programme Content

Drawing on new research, case studies, data, and examples from a diverse set of geographies, business models, and economic contexts, The Executive Master’s in Investment Migration strengthens the standing of an investment migration professional. The Executive Master’s will be a highly interactive, immersive learning experience designed to expand the capacity to think and act strategically. The student will become a skilled problem solver who has the expertise and confidence to tackle the nuances of investment migration.

With this new qualification, one will:

  • Obtain a holistic and in-depth understanding of the critical issues in investment migration.
  • Distinguish between Residency by Investment (RBI) and Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and its implications.
  • Assess the key issues and initiatives in investment migration such as ethics, AML, KYC, and standards from different jurisdictions.
  • Utilise case studies to critically assess investment migration approaches, actors, and models in the ecosystem.
  • Develop an implementable project and gain professional development.

Designed to run over 12 weeks, the Executive Master’s in Investment Migration Programme is currently being developed and will include a series of compulsory and optional modules as indicated in table A.

Programme Delivery and Assessment

The programme will be delivered through a combination of live, tutor-led online sessions and face-to-face, in-person residential workshops, led by a faculty of hand-picked industry and academic experts. The distinguished members of our faculty include Professor Kristin Surak from the London School of Economics, the author of “The Golden Passport: Global Mobility for Millionaires”.

A key benefit of the programme will be the provision of an interactive learning environment for participants through group activities to stimulate peer learning and knowledge sharing. In each cohort, students will be subdivided into small tutorial groups, all of whom will be supported by dedicated subject matter expert tutors who will facilitate group discussions, provide subject matter input, and facilitate the sessions.

All students will be encouraged to collaborate and work towards developing an implementable project, report, tool, or output that is focused on a particular investment migration issue to be practically employed, as part of the assessment.

Certification and Launch Date

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded with a certificate from the Investment Migration Council and an endorsing educational institution. The programme will be launched at the Investment Migration Forum in April 2024 in Dubai.

For more information, visit: https://investmentmigration.org/education/

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