Japan: Cultivating a New Source of EB-5 Investors

The United States historically has maintained friendly relations with Japan, and it is no doubt that the symbiotic relationship between the two countries is important both economically and socially.

Currently there are roughly 426,000 Japanese citizens residing in the United States which is the highest number in the world outside Japan.1 With a strong presence of Japanese multi-national companies with offices in the United States, it is unsurprising that E-1/E-2 visas are popular. In fact, the number of E category treat visas issued to Japanese citizens is the highest in the world.2 However, while immigration to the United States is as popular as ever, interest in and use of the EB-5 program remains low.

In 2018, Japan ranked as just the 18th largest investor markets with 66 investors. While small, it is interesting to note that that number increased by 29 from 2017; perhaps a reason for optimism in Japan’s emergence as a growing investor market.

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Author: Yayoi Ashikaga, Managing Partner, AOM Visa Consulting, Japan

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