Crossing Borders 2021 Calendar

IMC Streaming presents the Crossing Borders 2021 Calendar


The popular Crossing Borders programme is back!

Get ready for a series of informative, interesting and interactive sessions, which will bring stakeholders together discussing current affairs and important issues of the day.

So sit tight, mark your calendars and make sure you do not miss out!




11th February 2021 The Rise of the Regional Citizen
24th March 2021 Common Reporting Standard and Mandatory Disclosure Rules within Investment Migration
1st April 2021 Win Win Pathways to sustainable development.
14th April 2021 Malta: The introduction of new Investment Migration Pathways Leading to Residence and Citizenship.
12th May 2021 Investment Migration FROM USA: A Huge Market Waiting to be Explored?
30 June 2021 Updates from Around the Globe with IMC Corporate Members.
14 July 2021 Insurance in Investment Migration: The Importance of Experienced Insurance Partners.
11th August 2021 Don’t Be the Last to Know: The Importance of Monitoring.
15th September 2021 Investing in a Global Britain Post BREXIT
13th October 2021 Portugal: the most popular golden visa program in the EU?
10th November 2021 Corruption is the Real Risk and Conducting in-country checks in a Covid-19 world
24th November 2021 Middle East Region and the demand for Investment Migration
9th December 2021 From Response to Recovery: Antigua and Barbuda Prepares its Post-Pandemic Economy



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