Biometric Check to be Introduced in CBI Programme of St Kitts and Nevis

To ensure the immigration program’s uprightness, following second citizenship demand, the administration says it is focused on dedicating funding for progressively powerful security checks.

“The interest for economic citizenship in our nation brought about expanded expenditure for individual verifications and other expanses related with the support of a powerful CBI Program,” said Prime Minister Harris.

Harris believes the two islands are “the best in the business around the world,” which is the reason under the due diligence process every candidate for citizenship is completely screened.

In the wake indenpence, the islands presented the CBI program in 1984. It is a financial citizenship program, which PM Harris claims is “considered the most alluring, and that is shown by the certainty of our customers and operators.”

People contributing at least $150,000 to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF), and who have passed the diligence checks, can get second citizenship. The program means to encourage financial activities. Monetary residents can travel visa free or get visa on appearance for in excess of 150 nations and regions.

Canada, the U.S. furthermore, most E.U. nations have adopted comparative citizenship by investment programs.


Published: 2 February 2020


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