Brexit Effect Hits EU Migration Trends to UK

The Office for National Statistics data series points to a fall in net migration from the EU27 to the UK over the past year, although there are still more such persons coming to the UK than leaving on a net basis. Also, the overall net migration to the UK from all parts of the globe remains similar to that seen in 2014 – at about 244,000 in the year to the end September 2017 – following sharp rises in net migration in 2015 and 2016.

However, the ONS clearly notes the significant trend in reducing numbers of people coming from elsewhere in the EU to the UK to find work.

“The number of EU citizens coming to the UK for work-related reasons has fallen over the last year, in particular, those coming to the UK “looking for work”,” the ONS states.

In contrast, there has been an increase in non-EU migration to the UK over the past year.

The ONS data comes as the UK government has once again reiterated its stance that existing residents in the UK from other EU member states will be allowed to stay after Brexit.

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