European Commission Publishes its Third EU Citizenship Report

On the 24th January, the European Commission published its third EU Citizenship Report, presenting actions to ensure citizens can fully enjoy their rights when working, travelling, studying or participating in elections.

Europeans are more than ever aware of their status as citizens of the Union and the proportion of Europeans wanting to know more about their rights continues to increase. Over 80 % of Europeans cherish, in particular, the right to free movement that allows them to live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU (December 2016 Eurobarometer). However, a lack of awareness means EU citizens do not fully exercise their right to vote in European and local elections and many are unaware of the right to consular protection. The 2017 EU Citizenship Report sets out the Commission’s priorities in further raising awareness of these rights and making them easier to use in practice.

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Source: European Commission

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