Germany ‘to Strip ISIS Fighters of Citizenship’ with New Law

The new law would see jihadis who fight for the terror group kicked out of the country, Deutsche Welle reports. It would apply to adult ISIS militants with dual citizenship who take up arms for any “terrorist militia”. But it would not be retroactive, meaning any fighters who fled the extremist group’s territory in recent weeks or those who are already in prison would be exempt.

The proposed change comes as Western countries consider how to handle men, women and children seeking to return home after months or years living under ISIS rule.

Last month, Shamima Begum was stripped of her UK citizenship after travelling to join the extremist group in 2015 when she was 15.

Her case sparked a furious debate over whether she should be allowed to return home with her newborn son.

eremy Corbyn has said Ms Begum, now 19, has a “right to return to the UK” and that the decision to revoke her citizenship was “extreme”.

Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, said his decision complied with international law.

The Home Office is said to have made the decision on the grounds that she is a Bangladeshi national through her mother, who is a Bangladeshi citizen.

Ms Begum insists she does not have dual nationality and Bangladesh has said she would not be allowed into the country.

Meanwhile, Sweden has also taken steps to make it illegal to join a terror organisation.

Under the current laws, Sweden can only prosecute foreign fighters if it can prove that they have been involved in crimes violating the Geneva Convention.

But the proposed change would allow prosecutors to build cases against “many more” returning ISIS fighters, Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said.

In the United States, President Donald Trump said he e would block American-born Hoda Muthana from returning home with her young son.

Ms Muthana travelled to Syria more than four years ago to become an ISIS bride.

Her family in the US has launched a legal battle in an attempt to allow her back in.

Lawyers for the State Department say their claim is “profoundly flawed” because Ms Muthana has never been a US citizen.


Published: 4 March 2019


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