Government Holds National CBI Consultation

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, on Monday, held a national consultation with stakeholders to discuss the performance of the island’s economy and to map a way forward.

The national consultation, hosted at the state house conference centre, was held under the theme, ’Development Prospects for Dominica Within The Context Of The Citizenship By Investment Programme, As A Platform For Raising The Funds Necessary To Finance Development Activities.’

“This event here this morning is about us meeting as national stakeholders and availing ourselves of the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and expertise of those among us who can be relied upon to bring and provide objective input and analysis on the health and workings of the Dominican economy,” Hon Skerrit said.

Hon Skerrit also noted that all Dominicans have a crucial role in shaping the island’s economy for future generations. He reiterated that any attack on the Citizenship by Investment Programme “will eventually adversely impact its performance and bring about its demise.”

“The reality is that inflows of foreign direct investment into the Caribbean are declining.  We need therefore as a nation to sit and analyse what is possible and what is practical within the constraints of our small population base and very limited resources.”
The nation’s leader hopes that after the consultation Dominicans would have gained a better understanding of the economic situation and envision a path towards the social and economic well-being of all.



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