Immigration Update: Coronavirus

The report summarizes the confirmed immigration restrictions and/or concessions that jurisdictions around the world are currently imposing in an effort to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), for example entry or transit bans and mandatory quarantines for travelers from various jurisdictions and affected areas.

If a jurisdiction is not listed here, that means Fragomen cannot reliably confirm it is currently imposing restrictions or concessions of this type.

The novel coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly changing development, and this table is provided for reference only. In addition, this table does not attempt to cover other developments that may be relevant to travelers, such as airline route cancellations, the closing of consular posts, or national travel advisories. Individuals considering travel that could be impacted by the outbreak are advised to check for updates with their country’s consular posts if relevant and to seek case-specific advice from their travel provider and immigration provider. Employers allowing their staff to work from home may need to complete additional labor law requirements, such as employment contract amendment.

For a full list of jurisdictions in which there have been confirmed coronavirus cases, review the World Health Organization’s latest situation report here.


Published: 12 April 2020

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