United States: Latitude Consultancy Responds To Growing Demand From Ultra-High-Net-Worth U.S. Citizens Seeking Additional Residency Or Citizenship By Establishing Los Angeles Office

Source: latitudeworld.com/

Published: 16 October 2021

300% Increase in Citizenship and Residency by Investment Inquiries from Affluent Americans Considering a ‘Plan B’; Latitude Expands US Footprint with LA Office Opening the Door for In-Person Advisory Meetings to Protect High Net Worth and Family Office Legacies

Latitude Consultancy Limited, a pioneer in residency and citizenship-by-investment consulting, announced today the opening of its office in Los Angeles. Continuing the company’s recent growth with office openings and partnerships in China and India, this marquee office in California establishes a necessary footprint and consulting hub in the United States of America.

Latitude is currently the first and only global citizenship-by-investment firm with dedicated offices in the U.S., empowering wealthy Americans with more choice to augment their citizenship and global presence. The Los Angeles office will be led by managing partner, Ezzedeen Soleiman.

“Establishing a physical presence in the U.S. illustrates the importance of this market to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families seeking to create a ‘plan b’ to protect and enhance their legacies,” said Eric Major, CEO and founding partner, Latitude Consultancy Limited. “Latitude enables individuals and families to more efficiently source EU residency or an additional citizenship, whether to fulfil the need to be a global nomad or to provide them with a unique insurance policy and a more secure future, in addition to enhancing their social status.”

Latitude’s U.S. office will provide in-person consultative services to address the needs of American citizens seeking overseas European residency or additional citizenship. In recent years wealthy Americans, in part due to pressures of reduced visa-free travel, political and social unrest, climate change and other factors, have been actively exploring a ‘Plan B resulting in a 300% increase in citizenship and residency by investment inquiries.

“Prominent Americans are increasingly considering alternative citizenship and residency to provide more options in life for themselves and their families, namely the ability to live, work and study in Europe. These investors are seeking to secure a passport from countries less likely to be affected by climate change and global crises,” said Ezzedeen Soleiman, managing partner, Latitude Consultancy. “Since the beginning of 2021 and the initial post-pandemic emergence, our work with American citizens to find the right SMILE – our acronym for security, mobility, investment opportunity, lifestyle and education or employment opportunities, has soared 300% year-over-year.”

Ezzedeen has successfully developed the investment migration market in North America. He has spent several years working with business leaders, prominent families, and entrepreneurs in the Americas and Europe, advising them on international business and investment migration.

A new generation of wealthy elite have ambitions that reach far beyond the limitations of national borders. They live in a connected world with a global outlook. Latitude’s team of specialists offer leading insight and expertise for investors who are looking to gain residency or citizenship privileges by making an important economic contribution in a designated country. Latitude also provides government advisory services by helping nations create residency and citizenship-by-investment programs that attract this privileged segment of the world population to their shores.

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