In Whose Interest? Shadows Over the Hungarian Residency Bond Program

Statement by the Investment Migration Council

The IMC has removed the above Report. Its purpose was to highlight the misconduct of the Hungarian government administering the Program and the legal framework in which it was run. The Residency Bond Program has now been suspended, and the IMC will continue to consider this framework as the Program is considered further in Hungary.

The IMC wishes to make clear that the Report it published with Transparency International and Professor Boldizsar Nagy was not intended to target or impugn Arton Capital, nor was there any evidence of wrongdoing on its part or indeed on the part of any other specific private company associated with the Hungarian Residency Bond Programme. The IMC and Arton Capital have agreed to settle their differences arising from the publication of the Report, and are looking forward now to working together on important projects for the benefit of the investment migration industry.


20 October 2018

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