World’s Top Nationalities Revealed: France Is No. 1, U.S. Ranks 27

Most citizens are proud of the country they are from but a new survey measuring quality of life and opportunity has revealed which nationalities are the best – and worst – in the world. (Of course, what it doesn’t mean is that the people themselves from top-ranking countries are superior.)

The Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) from global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners has placed France in pole position with a score of 81.7 per cent, marginally ahead of Germany, which was knocked off the top spot for the first time in seven years, with a score of 81.6 per cent. Apparently, France has a “comparative advantage because its citizens enjoy greater Settlement Freedom as a result of its former colonial empire”.

The UK, meanwhile, has dropped to 13th place, failing to secure a spot in the top ten, while the US climbed just two positions to 27th place. According to the report, the US’s poor performance is “primarily due to its low Settlement Freedom compared to EU member states”. It has still done better than New Zealand, though, in 31st place, Australia in 32nd and Canada in 33rd.

Dimitry Kochenov, a leading constitutional and citizenship law professor and co-creator of the Index, says the QNI’s combined methodology produces a clear and objective account of what our nationalities can do for us within the borders of our home country and of where they can take us abroad.

He says: “Using a sophisticated combination of quantifiable data derived from leading international institutions and experts, including the United Nations, the World Ban and the International Air Transport Association, the QNI measures the ‘internal value’ of nationality, which refers to the quality of life and opportunities for personal growth within our country of origin, as well as the ‘external value’ of nationality, which identifies the diversity and quality of opportunities that our nationality allows us to pursue outside our country of origin.”

Further down the index, China has climbed two places to 59th position, while Russia remains in 63rd place. This year, the UAE overtook Israel for the first time ever, now ranking 46th, with Israel in 48th position. The Emirati nationality has jumped 13 places over the past five years, making a significant leap when its holders secured visa-free travel access to the Schengen Area.

Christian H. Kälin, co-creator of the QNI and group chairman of Henley & Partners, says: “The QNI proves that some nationalities and passports are radically better than others, and that the quality of our nationality has a direct impact on our opportunities and on our freedom to travel, do business, and live longer, healthier, and more rewarding lives.”

He adds: “For those who are not part of globally integrated citizenships such as France and Germany, investment migration can provide an alternative path to freedom, removing this highly irrational ceiling for our opportunities and aspirations. The appeal of residence and citizenship programs is growing rapidly, with more than 60 different programs in 57 countries to choose from.”

Among the worst nationalities in the world are Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and South Sudan.

The World’s Top Ten Nationalities

1. France

2. Germany

3. Iceland

4. Denmark

5. Netherlands

6. Norway

7. Denmark

8= Finland

8= Italy

9= Ireland

9= Switzerland

10. Austria



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