Worldwide Immigration Trends Report 2019

This report is the result of a collaborative analytical effort by the Fragomen Knowledge Group, a think tank of experienced immigration professionals and analysts. To analyze the current environment, the Fragomen Knowledge Group examined and evaluated a number of political, economic and cultural factors and scenarios to identify the key drivers for recent and future immigration changes. By leveraging Fragomen’s unparalleled experience in counseling multinational organizations and representing the business immigration community in global advocacy work, we determined that three drivers provide a framework for understanding recent immigration trends and making projections about the future: (1) Access to foreign talent; (2) Process change; and (3) Government enforcement and employer compliance.

The report consists of four parts:

The Regional Immigration Trends Analysis section provides insights and analysis of events that have taken place in 2019 and offer comments on future-state conditions.

The Key Themes section highlights recurring topics drawn from 2019 immigration events and offers projections for 2020.

The Key Emerging Trends section identifies four trends we believe will strongly impact the immigration landscape over the next several years.

The Strategies for Success and Risk Management section offers a ready-made checklist for high-level risk management and strategy planning to tackle key immigration issues. Employers should use this list and consider other factors in their workforce migration and planning decisions beyond those discussed here.

To view the report, click here

Published: 15 October 2019

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