Current Climate and What’s ahead for IM?

Tuesday, 21 March 2023


Eric Major IMCM, CEO, Latitude Consultancy

Nadine Goldfoot IMCM, Managing Partner, Fragomen

Patricia Casaburi IMCM, Managing Director, Global Citizens Solutions

Oriol Molas IMCM, Managing Partner & Founder, Orience

Marion Suite IMCM, CEO, World Grenada Inc.

Troy Hanley IMCM, Managing Director, Henley & Partners


With the shock announcements from Ireland and Portugal these past weeks, there is a lot of uncertainty and misinformation being published on these two highly successful migration pathways. In this episode of  ‘Crossing Borders’, the IMC has invited Nadine Goldfoot, Managing Partner of Fragomen and IMC Board Member, Eric Major, CEO of Latitude, Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director of Global Citizen Solutions, Oriol Molas, Founder & Managing Partner of Orience, Marion Suite, CEO of World Grenada Inc. and Troy Hanley, Managing Director at Henley & Partners to share their analysis of the situation and thoughts and opinions on the future of Investment Migration pathways.


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