Investment Migration and COVID-19, What you need to know today

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

  • Bruno L’ecuyer IMCM Cert IM, Chief Executive, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland
  • Nestor Alfred IMCM, CEO, Citizenship by Investment Unit & Chairman, CIPA, Saint Lucia
  • Edward Beshara IMCM, Managing Partner, Beshara Global Immigration, USA
  • James Johnston CMcG OBE, Director, Transcend Change Limited, Scotland
  • Jennifer Lai IMCM, Managing Partner, Henley & Partners, Hong Kong
  • Charles Mizzi IMCM, CEO, Malta Residency Visa Agency, Malta

During this broadcast, you will be hearing from investment migration experts around the world on the impact of COVID-19 in their regions.

In association with Range Developments

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