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Between the Local and the Global: Plural Citizenship in Australia[1]

  Since Section 17 of the Australian Citizenship Act has been repealed on 4 April 2002, Australians no longer lose their citizenship when acquiring the citizenship of another country.[2] The 116-year-old Section 44(i) of the Australian Constitution, however, still forbids anyone holding plural (dual or multiple) citizenship from running for Parliament.[3] In the wake of […]

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The Way Forward for Grenada’s Citizenship Programme in 2018

  Grenada’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in presenting the country’s 2018 Budget, noted that Grenada’s Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) Programme has exceeded all expectations in 2017 and is now regarded as one of the highest-rated CBI programmes in the world. An impressive performance is projected for 2018 not only because of increasing recognition of Grenada’s […]

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Citizenship of the European Union

  Citizenship without a State   Although the EU is not a state, it boasts a citizenship like many others, established more than 20 years ago by the Treaty of Maastricht. This citizenship allows the Union to distinguish between ‘European citizens’ and foreigners, termed ‘third-country nationals’ in contemporary Eurospeak. By law, every national of each […]

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